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60 Minute Therapeutic Massage  $75
Generally, this will be a targeted area massage which, in 60 minutes, will effectively address your rough spots, but not allow for a full-body massage.

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage  $100
The perfect massage.  90 minutes allows plenty of time to both work out your specific aches and pains and give you a full-body massage.

120 Minute Therapeutic Massage  $130
Designed for those with lots of physical complaints, and for those who are particularly tall or muscular.  120 minutes allows lots of extra time for both therapy and a soothing full-body massage. 

Old School Relaxation Massage
60 Min/$70    90 Min/$100    120 Min/$130

This massage is what most people think of when they think of massage.  Smooth, flowing, firm, long strokes designed to de-stress and relax the body. While all massage has therapeutic properties, for this one, I refrain from trigger point or deep tissue techniques.  I use warm, aromatic oil to engage the senses and help relax the mind and body more deeply.  (If you prefer not to use oil, or prefer an unscented experience, I will use an unscented cream instead.)

60 Minute Pregnancy Target Massage  $75
It won't allow for a full body massage, but will get the job done when it comes to specific aches and pains.  We'll decide together what you want me to work on during your hour away from the world.

90 Minute Pregnancy Massage $100
A Must-Do for moms-to-be.  The body undergoes so many changes during pregnancy...Tendons relax, bones shift, muscles get overworked.  If ever there was a time when you need massage, this is it.  I use wedges and pillows to keep mom and baby safe and comfy during the massage.

120 Minute Pregnancy Massage  $130
The ultimate in Mama-To-Be Care! You might even feel almost as good afterward as you did before you got pregnant!  Includes lots of pampering relaxation massage, light strokes if needed to reduce swelling in the legs/ankles/feet, and the down-to-business therapeutic massage you need to ease the aches and pains that develop during pregnancy.

90 Minute Hot Stone Warm-up Massage $120
This 90 minute therapeutic massage starts with hot stones on your back to warm it up, and includes some massage on the back with the stones as well.  This one is good when your back is incredibly tight and needs a little encouragement to relax enough to receive a massage.

120 Minute Hot Stone Massage  $150
River-tumbled, smooth basalt stones are warmed and ready to melt away your stress and pain during this ultimate massage experience.  The stones will be both placed on your body to warm your muscles, and used for the actual massaging.  Great for people with deep tension and for those who love heat!

Aloha Massage (Coconut Oil Scalp and Body massage) 
80 Min/$90    110 Min/$120

Let the tropical smell of beneficial coconut oil transport you to paradise!  We’ll start with a scalp massage using pure coconut oil - one of the secrets to the beautiful shine and healthy texture of the hair of Pacific Islanders.  I’ll work the oil through your hair, smoothing it down to the very ends and wrap in a towel.  As the oil works its magic, you’ll receive a good old fashioned relaxation massage, also using coconut oil.  Note:   Plan carefully, as you'll probably want to have a shower before going anywhere else after this massage. 

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