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What some of my clients have to say...
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"Angie is an extraordinary massage therapist. Her greatest attribute is her ability to make anyone feel comfortable in their skin. Whatever your body type, you can feel relaxed and at peace while getting a fantastic massage. I simply cannot say enough about her talent, technique and expertise. I try to get a massage at least once a month, ideally twice or more. Angie helps to keep me grounded and functioning under my everyday stress. What could be better? Additionally, I like her office space, set back behind the stores on Elm, with trees and a creek. Inside it is peaceful and perfectly conducive to relaxation. I highly recommend Angie to anyone, especially anyone who is just a little insecure about getting a massage. You will love it, and her!'"  -Barbara

"Angie has been able to release knots in my back when others couldn't. She's friendly and works in a very comfortable atmosphere. I always leave feeling calm and refreshed. She will work on you at whatever level you want, deep tissue or just for relaxing. Angie is truly amazing! I recommend her to everyone."  -Alicia

"Angie is a wonderful massage therapist. She is extremely professional and makes you feel completely comfortable.  She is an attentive listener to your needs and usually finds knots you didnt even know you had.  Her sessions are peaceful and always give me a recharge and lets the stresses just slip away.  I recommend her to everyone and she's the only massage therapist for me."  -FS

"Magic Hands!  Angie has a wonderfully sensitive touch and can identify and relieve muscle knots and sore spots better than any masseuse I have used.   I had chronic, severe lower back pain – could barely stand being touched.   Gradually, she worked through the muscle issues and now I can not only handle deep tissue massage,  I don’t have pain in that area!  She provides a relaxing,  comfortable location, with special attention given to each individual’s needs.  Well worth every dollar.   My friends and relatives love receiving gift certificates from me for Angie's massage."
   -Susan B.

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