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Why 90 minutes?

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Why do I specialize in longer massages?  Over time, I came to realize that in order to provide the therapy my clients required, I needed more time.  For a long while, I let myself become stressed trying to finish a full-body massage including enough therapeutic work to help resolve a specific issue, in just 60 minutes.  It simply became impossible for me, and I ended up going over 10 or 15 minutes or more on almost every massage.   Now, this may seem like a great thing for my clients, but it actually became an issue. Why?  Because:
  • Some clients felt compelled to pay me extra, which was not my intention.
  • If a client had somewhere to be after their massage, my going over could make them late.
  • It created a situation where I was constantly running behind, which was stressful for both parties.
  • It could become an expectation, causing disappointment if I ended on time.

I had a client comment  "It usually feels like the therapist has 'x' amount of time per area, and when that time is up, the therapist moves on, whether or not more work is needed."  And you know what?  That client was exactly right.   That is how we were trained, and how it works.  After all, we do work on an appointment basis, so yes, the time spent is limited to the time reserved.  Unfortunately, 60 minutes doesn't allow for much time in any one area.   Here is a graphic showing how many minutes I  was taught to spend per area during a standard 60 minute massage:


With an extra 30 minutes, I have sufficient time  to address problem areas effectively, AND provide a full body massage. 90 minutes makes a dramatic difference and is enough for most people.  If a client is particularly tall or has a heavier musculature (as is often the case with athletes and body builders) or has a number of issues, 120 minutes may be required.

My goal is to do what needs to be done for each client.  Sometimes a little more time makes that a lot more possible.

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